Wait & Load Clearance Price List


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Prices are usually based on the volume of rubbish you want us to take and depend on how much of the truck is filled up.

  Our truck's can carry just over two domestic skip loads (13 yards³/ 10.6 m³).
Prices include all labour for a period of time and all disposal/recycling costs.

  Our Charge Domestic
(with VAT)
( with VAT)
Labour & Loading Volume of Truck Minumum charge
£56 £56.40
10 mins 1.7 yards³ 1/8 of a truck £65 £78 £78.00
20 mins   1/6 of a truck £82 £98 £98.40
1/2 tonne
30 mins labour
3.4 yards³ 1/4 truck
(1/2 a skip)
£96 £115 £115.20
    1/3 of a truck £118 £142 £141.00
    3/8 truck £138 £166 £165.60
1 tonne
1 hour labour
5.4 m³ /
6.8 yards³
1/2 of a truck
1 skip)
£156 £187 £187.20
    5/8 truck £176 £211 £211.20
    2/3 truck £190 £228 £228.00
1.5 tonnes
1hr 30 mins labour
10.2 yards³ 3/4 truck £203 £244 £243.60
    5/6 truck £221 £265 £265.20
    7/8 truck £242 £290 £290.40
2 tonnes
2 hours labour
10.8m³ /
13.8 yards³
Full truck
(2 skips)
£262 £314 £314.40

Don't worry if you're unsure about the exact volume of your rubbish. We can give you a good estimate over the phone by asking a few simple questions.

For very dense items such as soil, sand or rubble, we charge by weight. This doesn't apply to small amounts i.e. under a tonne.

Hard Core / Inert / Rubble
Must be completely clean - only concrete, brick, soil and stone
1 Tonne £125 + vat
2 Tonnes £225 + vat
3 Tonnes £300 + vat
4 Tonnes + £90 per tonne + vat


Hazardous Items requiring separate Safe Disposal

  Single Items As part of a larger collection
Under 1.1m
Under 1.4m
Over 1.4m

£50 + vat
£60 + vat
£65 + vat

£25 + vat
£45 + vat
£55 + vat
Monitors/TVs Minimum Charge £10 (less if many) + vat
Fluro Bulbs Minimum Charge £4 (less if many) + vat
Paint Minimum Charge £15 per 5L (if two pots have less than half we will charge £15 together)
Gas Canisters Minimum Charge £15 + vat per canister - collection must be confirmed by office
All hazardous waste collections from commercial premises incur a £5 fee for the provision of a HAZARDOUS CONSIGNMENT FORM. This is a legal obligation in line with hazardous waste and WEEE regulations.


Items we cannot collect

(Some of these we may be able to arrange collections by someone else depending on quantities)

Gas Canisters, paint, Cleaning liquids, Acids, Pool Chemicals and any item classed as Dangerous Goods (i.e. Flammable liquids or gases, corrosive liquids, oxidisers etc).


On some occasions, if a job looks like it will take more than the allotted time, a supplement may be added (£70 per extra hour). The team will inform you of this before they start.

We cannot take paint, compressed gas cylinders or any other hazardous waste. If you have more than 10 gas cylinders we can organise a collection for you. Your local council will be able to advise you on possible means of disposal for paint.

The truck carries 2 skiploads (14yards3/10m3)

Methods of Payment

Credit or debit card
All major credit and debit cards. Unfortunately we are unable to accept American Express.

We do accept cash, but we don't encourage cash payment. Please be aware that the team does not usually carry any change in the trucks.

Company Cheques
These should be made payable to emptymybins