Waste Transfer Note

Why do I need A Waste Transfer Note?

Your Duty of Care

A waste transfer note (WTN) is a document that details the transfer of waste from one person to another.

You must ensure every load of waste you pass to others is covered by a WTN.

The Waste Transfer Note is a document that contains the details regarding the transfer of waste from
your Business or Household to Empty My Bins and must cover every load of waste that is transferred.

This is to help us have a clear audit trail from where the waste originates until it is processed. It is also required that you keep your waste transfer notes for at least two years to avoid any fines in case they are requested by the Environment Agency or local authority.

We have produced our own version of the Waste Transfer Note which is accepted by all concerned parties and authorities.
It needs to be signed by both the household that is handing the waste over, and the person that is receiving it, as well as containing information about the contents of the waste in order for it to be handled with safety and disposed of appropriately. This is to avoid any mismanagement which could result in fines or prosecution.

It is not the responsibility of the waste carrier or contractor to describe the waste that you are having picked up. As the producer, you must be able to describe your waste specifically and accurately to prevent any ramifications from local authorities or environmental bodies. Typically, the waste transfer note will contain the following details:

    General description of the waste.
    The quantity of the waste.
    Any processes the waste has been through
    How the waste is packaged or contained.
    Name and address of both parties involved.
    The date, time and place of the transfer.
    Details of the permit or license of the person who receives the waste
    The appropriate EWC code (European Waste Catalogue) for the waste.
    Any other processes that the waste has been through

For repeat transfers, you can use a season ticket. This is a single WTN that can cover multiple transfers over a period of up to 12 months.

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