Press Release


New waste management firm launches in Manchester and Stockport

A new waste management firm is aiming to provide a solution to all those businesses and households seeking an addition or an alternative to their local authority service.

Covering Manchester and Stockport initially, We recognises there is a real gap in the market as dissatisfied householders continue to fill the newspaper letters pages with complaints over the service provided by their local authority.

Based in Manchester, We aims to provide a wide-ranging waste management, recycling and refuse removal service seven days a week and 365 days a year, including bank holidays – not just for householders but for businesses, too.

The man behind the business is Steven Donoghue, who has a background in IT and lives in Cheadle, Stockport.  Said Steven:   “We’re aiming to provide a fast, efficient and simple service that’s local, too.  We’re also aware that keeping the cost as low as possible for householders and businesses in these difficult financial times is crucial, so we’ve set up our pricing structure to reflect this.   We are also fully licensed with the Environment Agency and aim to keep high standards and promote environmental responsibility.”

He added:  “The big difference for us, though, is that we’re offering a service to business and domestic customers.”


We will pick up customers’ pre-paid bin bags, freely-provided  wheelie bins or customers’  own bins on a call-and-collect basis.

Households can pre-order and pay for bag and bin collections in advance, with the price of bags and bins covering the collection and disposal of the waste.  Standard bags cost £1.00 each – the minimum purchase is 10 bags  - or a household’s own bin bags can be picked up.

There is also a wheelie bin loan scheme – with a pre-payment of £25 ensuring the first five collections, making sure that each collection costs just a fiver.

New commercial customers will need to complete an annual waste transfer note provided free of charge.  Standard bags cost £46 for a pack of 50 but a minimum 10 bags can be paid for at 92 pence each.  Again, collection is on demand.

The firm will operate a fleet of eight vans and offers a range of wheelie bins, from the regular 240 litre bin holding up to five regular bin bags, to the 1000 litre version holding up to 20 bin bags.

As well as the regular rubbish disposal service, Emptymybins also offers office, house and garden clearance, plus a range of other services, from data destruction to fly-tipping removal, bulky waste collection and furniture removal.  Quotes can also be taken for work beginning or ending outside the M60 ring.

Said Steven:  “Waste disposal can be a real headache as local authorities come under increasing pressure to cut budgets.  I’m well aware of the government’s offer to spread an extra £250 million pounds around our town halls to help with waste disposal, but that depends on the offer being taken up, and if it is, that money will be spread very thinly and so won’t make that much difference, in my opinion. “

He added:  “I’m also aware that the government has spoken many times about the private sector taking up the slack as local government services reduce.  That’s exactly what I am doing, creating new business and providing a vital additional service to those who need it.”

Steven anticipates most of their orders coming via a new and comprehensive website – – but backed up by a freecall number, 0800 612 7074.   There is also a leaflet flagged with an easy-to-follow  A, B and C of Emptymybins services.